Reebok Hexride

Reebok Hexride Basketball Shoes

Reebok Hexride

One thing to be certain you’re getting on the Reebok Hexride is supreme ankle support. The collar and tongue do this by extending to the front part of the ankle and giving you a secure fit. It has a slightly classical and old style look about it which can be good if you like to keep your style simple and fresh.

On the top of the Reebok Hexride is smooth synthetic leather upper which is there for great comfort and style. There are perforations located in sweet spots of the basketball shoe which are known to perspire the most. These locations are around the heel, front and side. Above from the synthetic leather is a traditional lacing system which then partners up with its high top design.

Where the high top design is there is also a pull tab tongue which has been known to make it a lot easier to put the shoe on and pull it off after a hard game. Inside there is a padded collar and tongue which is there for added comfort and to be there to put light pressure against your ankle so it stays in place and feels natural.

The inside of the Reebok Hexride contains special material which is smooth and acts to move away moisture from the inside of the shoe. This is good as it keeps the inside of your basketball sneaker cool while ensuring that all the bad bacteria are gone.

This basketball shoe is also extremely flexible from tests done which is a brilliant trait to have. Having good flexibility in a basketball shoe usually makes it feel more natural as there is more natural movement for your feet and it also prevents you from getting injuries because the shoe isn’t stiff and will move easily if it needs to.

On the base there is HexRide technology which consists of six hexagonal shapes which are there for both stability and durability. This technology can also help you grip the floor as the patterns help with traction.
Grab the Reebok Hexride basketball shoes if you really want the best in ankle support. If that’s what you want, as well as a comfortable fit, then you can’t go wrong.

Amazing Ankle Support

Comfortable Fit True To Size

Extremely Flexible

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